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Mawuna Remarque Koutonin - says Most journalists are now dogs!

Dec 9 '15 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 67 | Comments: 0

I'm not a journalist. 
Most journalists are now dogs. 
They all serve a master who feed them. 
More mercenaries than reporters of facts. 
When a majority of a profession became prostitutes or rented mouths, the few who are clean can't save the bad reputation of their profession.

Now the EU funds journalists in Africa. They have setup institutions to train our journalists on how and what to report. They lavish the ones who work for their interests with trips and scholarship.

The Chinese have setup also a fund to train our journalists on how to talk about China and sponsor their trips and projects.

I have been invited by both. I declined.

Hyenas are smaller than lions but no one bring them in circus road.

In Lome, journalists are given money at the press conferences, and often paid to make the news. If, they are not bribed, they don't report or they report with revenge.

Don't call me a journalist. I'm a dark light.

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