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Zimbabwean ladies furious after imported weaves and...

“Guys is Nivea banned also?” That was the question from one anxious Twitter user in Zimbabwe after news broke that the authorities were limiting imports of a vast range of goods – including beauty products. Among the things Zimbabwean retailers will no longer be allowed to freely bring into the country are jam, mayonnaise,...

8 HOT & Sexy Pics - Nandi Mngoma

Nandi Mngoma is a South African singer, actress and television presenter who rose to fame with the 2011 release of the single Tonight, which she wrote and had produced by DJ Franky. She gained further fame with the release of her debut album Nandi in September 2012, which was followed up by her first music video, Goodtimes, in February...

20 Uncomfortable Truths African Young Ladies Must Know

Sometimes it’s just right to spell things out the hard way.  Truth  is bitter but it’s better. Below are 20 truths that won’t go down well with some ladies but are unfortunately true. 1. Gari doesn’t advertise yet runs out of stock on the market. Morale, It’s not about the excessive make-up or exposed thighs. It’s not about the...

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