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WAR/NIN can provide the slashing FFXIV resistance down...

Eric M. Dennis | Aug 29 '16 | Tags: ffxiv gil
If you are only comparing ninja to itself, you still can't say that nin "suffer" from doing dummy parse alone because it's not enabled by another person being here. if you are bringing another WAR/NIN in, might aswell bring a SCH for speed buff, and and AST for rng buffs. I don't have a problem with dancing edge, i just have a problem...

This might be an FFXIV impossible question....

Eric M. Dennis | Aug 25 '16 | Tags: ffxiv gil
I am a lapsed FFXIV player (with a level 36 scholar), and dropped off the main story around level 32. I have resubbed for a month as I think it just wasn't clicking with me healing. Now, with a kid and another on the way, my gaming time is limited to 1hr a day on average. I am eager to get to Heavensward as I hear the story is amazing....

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