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La Afrique Media's vision is to become Africa's number one Social Media and largest information center. La Afrique Media's mission, is to enlighten Africans with timely information in this digital age and beyond by providing a platform which serves as a bridge of gap for Africans to be educated, tutored, mentored and of course socialize with the rest of the world. La Afrique Media (PTY) Ltd is a registred company licensed in the Republic Of South Africa, and the purpose for this organization is to provide the world with the leading and number platform for exploring, entertaining, sharing and connecting with friends and loved one over the internet, generally known as social network media but you can call us "Social News Network", La Afrique Media establishment is spreading around two great continents, Africa and Asia. www.laafriquemedia.biz will create the first continental based Social Media Network platform mentoring and an educative positions from blogging, recognizing that a vital percentage of the population from these two continents has embraced social media, we at La Afrique Media (PTY) Ltd got inspired to leverage on the open heartedness of social media to input in the hearts and minds of the youths of these two most important continents the up to date information they require to be the best, we have been mandated to bridge the gap between Africa, Asia and the rest of the world. With our online offerings via the social Media we will provide compelling entertainment, educative and insightful content to inspire, enlighten, empower and equip the youths of these continents. The platform’s unique content will showcase the new and exciting entertainment and all the products, events, services and adventures associated with these continents. Offering an interactive opinion polls and survey experience, the network will cater to a Worldwide audience of “like minded” including African and Asian enthusiasts in an effort to build a synergistic global/continental community. www.laafriquemedia.biz will create an Internet based brand that social News platform, community based forums and Internet broadcasting industries will recognize as a leader, especially in the promotion and marketing in the social media marketplace. La Afrique Media came into existence as an idea in 11 March 2015 by Xolela Mtabati and Co-Founders. This purpose driven social media is designed to bridge the gap for the African community all around the world. Africans are one of the smartest people on planet earth, but the lack of clarity of purpose has trampled on the pride of the average African. The need to rise to personal development of every African child became of necessity and that quest paved way for the biggest thing happening to the world today from Africa, by Africans and inside Africa. La Afrique Media is that very global college were Africans can share, connect, learn, Share and lead the change that this continent requires.

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